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“Do You Love Me?” – RHETORICS

From movies to real life, one question I am yet to understand people ever having to ask is “do you love me?” Really? Why do you have to ask? Why? And whatever my response is will you believe me? If I tell you I love you, only after you asked, would that satisfy your curiosity?
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Kind Bully (Word For The Week)

I don’t think “kind bully” is glorious enough to describe the grandiosity of our president and his loyal, reality-ignoring, alternate-universe-dwelling, merry men. We can progress to calling him a generous dictator, or benevolent overlord, merry marauder. Or we just might upgrade him to King Bully.
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No Verse Walks Alone – Josh Journal

The Bible is so vast that people will find a verse to justify almost any situation. I doubt if there is any situation someone hasn’t successfully backed up with the Bible. From the mundane to the reverent, pious, sacrilegious, regular, irregular, usual, weird, heinous, kind, selfless, selfish, and everything in between.
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