Where Is The Love? (Sincerely Yours)

I still fondly remember the first time you said you love me. It was like time stood still.
I could hear a butterfly land on a flower’s petal a thousand miles away. The blue color of the sky looked freshly painted, to a point of exaggeration. If a pin dropped at the other end of the earth at that point, I would have heard it.


To The First Of All Exes (Sincerely Yours)

Maybe we should have enjoyed being friends and never bothered dating. Maybe we would still be friends rather than exes. Or maybe it was inevitable that we would get together.
There are a thousand and one other maybes, maybe in an alternate universe, we followed one of the several maybes, and ended up with a “happily ever after”.


Jesus Forgives, The Law Doesn’t (Sincerely Yours)

Jesus will forgive you for fornication or adultery, but if you got an STD while at it, you’ll have to bear the pain and treat it. He would forgive you for stealing, but you will spend a couple of years in jail if caught.
Grace does not exist in the lawbook, and even if your victim forgives you, the state might not.


If He Ever Says… (Sincerely Yours)

But if he ever says he is done being your man, if he ever says he wants a life without you, if he ever says it is time to part ways, I don’t want you to shed a tear. I don’t want you to be heartbroken. I don’t want you to doubt yourself for a second.
Please, know that someone sees you. Someone wants you. Someone would be glad to have you in their life.
That someone is me.

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