Nigeria is the land of the ludicrous and the absurd. This is the story of the Villa Rats whom we have all heard of and come to respect their tenacity and dexterity, and how they somehow they chased a president out of office.
No, not like they got him to resign or abdicate power, more like they made him ‘work from home”. Thank goodness for home offices.
It’s no longer news that the President was absent from office for over a hundred days due to a medical trip to the U.K. What is news is the fact that on his return, it was found out that his office has been overrun by rats.
Really, the HQ of Nigeria, the most important room/office/workspace in the entire country, the number one port of call to foreign diplomats, the office of arguably the most powerful president on the continent of Africa, had been overtaken by rodents.
In other words, the president of the most populous black nation on the planet would be staying at home cos rats are the new occupants of his office. For me, this is the height of ridiculousness.
It should be noted that provision is made annually for fumigation of the premise that houses the President’s office and its environs. At this point, I can’t help but wonder if the President’s office was excluded from the fumigation exercise, or if the fumigation was never carried out due to the recession, or if substandard materials were used, or if… I don’t even know how this will be explained for posterity. I can see were the argument to end the teaching of history in Nigerian schools emanates from.
In a country fighting corruption and where the ruling party had ridden into power on the premise of how their Presidential Candidate was “Mr. No Nonsense” I am hoping against hope that this Nonsense doesn’t go unpunished. Cos to the best of our knowledge, Yes the President was away, but no, the cleaners weren’t on holiday.
I can only imagine how Aliko Dangote would react to coming from a six months business trip to find that rats have taken over his office.

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