This is personal #ENDSARS True Lie Story Podcast

This is my personal experience with the Nigerian Police Force. It cost me someone I hold dear. Too many people unnecessarily have a similar experience. Yes, we need police reforms. But the first sign that this government is interested in police reform is them agreeing to End SARS. Join us to spread this message until the government hear us; #EndSARS #EndSARSNow #StopPoliceBrutality #WeDemandPoliceReform Visit for more.
  1. This is personal #ENDSARS
  2. PSA: Coalition Of Pretty Faces Without Pretty Names
  3. PSA: National Association Of Hundred Naira Lovers
  4. PSA: National Electoral Reform Association
  5. PSA: Nigerian Trekkers Union
  6. PSA: Association of Already Born Beautiful Ones
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