Acknowledgment And Receipt – Josh Journal

I recently sent a mail, and I noticed that the recipient always sent a receipt mail. An acknowledgment of receiving my email.
And like it often happens, my mind went on a wild tangent. What if I sent him an acknowledgment of his acknowledgment?

I am still not a fan of emails. Texts too. My preferred means of communication are calls and WhatsApp chats. I find response time there to be instantaneous and fast respectively.
Communication is about speed and reliability for me.

A part of me always wants to be sure the conversation is properly ended. For emails and chats, because I can only properly hear the tone of my own messages, I am always tempted to be the one who sends the closing message.
You can imagine how I feel when I get an acknowledgment email for my goodbye email. Like really, was that necessary?

It is one of such instances that tempted me to send an acknowledgment of his acknowledgment.
The only reason I stopped was that I knew if I started it and he indulged me by replying, then I wasn’t going to stop.

I would likely spend the rest of that business day going back and forth with receipt mails.
It was while on that thought that I thought about bots and autoresponders.

What if two autoresponder bots find themselves in a cycle of exchanging receipt mails?
Won’t that shut down the internet and by extension, the world? Isn’t that an existential risk?

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