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Re: Jesus Is My Valentine – Josh Journal

We are one week away from St. Valentines Day. And before I start a seven-day writing spree on love, I think it is of utmost importance that I addressing some people.
People I can best describe as Team Jesus Is My Valentine.

There are different origin stories of St. Valentine’s Day. How come the one you are stuck up on is the one about a pagan festival?
What about the priest who believed in love and marriage so much it cost him his life?

Love is beautiful. God is love. The fact that some people have abused love doesn’t mean we should outlaw love.
And all of that talk on fornication and sexual immoralities, do you think someone who plans to hook up with others waits until Valentine’s Day?
What about all the fornications of the other 364 days of the year? Doesn’t that count?

I know you love Jesus, I love him too. At no point did He say you should not celebrate Valentine. Or love. If you have personally received revelation not to celebrate it, congratulations. If you haven’t, then you are free to not celebrate it. Just stop disturbing others who are celebrating it.

Love is not exclusive to married folks. Celebrating love shouldn’t be for them only too. If some people are going over the top in their celebrations, no law states that you must join them.

Valentine’s day is not corrupting love. Will Jesus celebrate it if He were here?
He did attend a marriage. His first miracle was there too. I know He loves love.
His whole mission on Earth was born out of love. I think He might join the festivities.
I know He definitely will have a thing or two to say.

Jesus is not exclusive to you. Jesus is also our Valentine.
We have only chosen to share our love with others too. I think that is part of obeying His commandments on love.
Love is something that if you give some away, you will always have more. We’ve got a lot of love for Jesus, and we’ve got enough love to go round.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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