Science Is Not Good Enough For Me

Maybe If we Artist put it in a Play first, then the Scientist will be able to do It.

 I know scientist, technologist, researchers, scholars and the likes spend a lot of time, effort, money and other resources, into trying to create innovative inventions that will make like easier, sweeeter and better for mankind.
 I appreciate and acknowledge their effort, but I still and will always have a problem with technology, until some issues are fixed. This issues are very simple, and I know I am not the only one who’s in need of the solution to these problems, so creating a product that will address these needs will surely have a large market.
 My Number One need is a device, program,  or software that will be able to decrypt some of my thoughts, and lay them out in either text, visual or audio format. Because most of the time, I have a lot on my mind, but I’m unable to put it out. My mind becomes a mess under such circumstances, and I get lost in thoughts, I sometimes end up losing some of the things I might have fixed in my mind, and even have to revisit some of such issues to fix them allover again.
 My Number Two need is something, just anything that will make it possible for me to download food. The day I’ll be able to download food, without having to spend time and effort preparing one for myself, of having to go and buy one, then I’ll know Man has truly utilize technology to it’s fullest potential.
 So Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ll be going on an Hibernation Mode (I wish there was a machine that make’s Hibernation possible for Human Being) and I’ll only wake up when these two (Three, plus the Hibernation machine) are invented.