What Does The Nose Knows? – RHETORICS

What is the function of a nose?
To breathe and to smell. What about to lead?
It also filters the air we take in, moistening and warming it up. But why doesn’t it warn us?

The nose is the furthest part of the body. The eyes might be able to see further, but the nose senses things the eyes cannot see. Haven’t you smelt something before you see it?
From a melting cable to a meal getting burnt, from a smelly armpit to an unwashed mouth, ain’t you grateful for the saving power of your nose?

The power of the nose cannot be over quantified, but have you heard a Yoruba person say “Imu nika, koje ka gbo orun asebi”?
Haven’t you ever wished you could identify those who truly love you, those who only associate with you for selfish reasons, and those who will hurt you at the first opportunity?

What would you give for the ability to be able to smell an enemy or frenemy from a distance?

If the nose wants to keep its front role, shouldn’t it evolve to being able to sniff out dangerous people and situations, and warn us? Or, are we the ones incapable of interpreting the smell?

What if it does know some things but is unwilling to share because it knows we cannot handle the information?
Whatever you think of this though, don’t cut off your nose to spite it. For now, I do not have an alternative. Do you?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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