A Pastor And A Pastor Mrs. – Josh Journal

One of the churches near my house had a famous pastor. I could have said the church was famous but that would be wrong.
Up until today, hardly anyone knows the church, but most people knew the pastor. And that is inclusive of visitors and members of the church.

For years, people came to the pastor from far and wide. He was famous for wroughting miracles. Testimonies were trumpeted around about him.
Actors and musicians also flooded the church. Things were looking smooth and rosy.

This pastor was also a showman. Never to be caught unfresh, he always dressed for the occasion.
Designer suits, shoes, and watches. He had it all. Expensive cars in bright colors, he rocked them too.

The mannerism to match, he had it too. As his convoy drives into the church, everyone kneels. It was stupefying to behold.
Despite their street being a quiet and mostly deserted one, the protocol team would line up right from the start of the street to welcome him.

After a couple of years, allegations started emerging that miracles done by the pastor were faked. It got so infamous that it was making the cover of loads of soft sell magazines and rumor blogs.
A few celebs were also caught up in the scandal.

Then allegations of adultery involving the pastor and celebs also began. The media also fed on this.
The pastor meanwhile was always happy to address these rumors in his sermons or give interviews before stepping into one of his several cars.

In all of these, attendance at the church didn’t drop. Instead, it seemed like the church was growing.
Some people allege that this was because he was giving out money and other gifts to members.

A few years later, the pastor got ill and shortly after, died. At the time of his illness, the church stopped growing but was still quite sizeable.
After his death though, there was too much drama surrounding his burial.

Firstly, like President Yar’Adua, for a while, news of his death went unconfirmed.
Secondly, his body was never brought to the church for any form of final rites or respect.
No service of song, lying in state, or burial.

Eventually, the pastor’s wife would confirm his death and burial, and continue pastoring the church. This was after the church had been kind of shut for a little while.
All the celebs meanwhile had left the church. Lots of members too. Only ardent followers were left.

The Pastor Mrs. for the first time took up a leading role in the church. This was the first time they were hearing her speak or preach. I don’t know if she received “the call”, but overnight, she was the new pastor.

There were rumors that some church elders and pastors left. They had expected to be named pastors and couldn’t be under a female leader. Others felt the woman was never called.
Either reaction should be expected in a Nigerian church.

The church began a massive campaign of rebranding. They were trying to regain their lost members and get new ones.
Attendance had really dwindled. A church of over a thousand members was now hosting less than a hundred attendees on Sundays.

The church next repainted their whole premises. They also did a new billboard at their entrance.
This time around though, instead of a promise of miracles, signs, and wonders, the payoff at the bottom of the signboard was “there can be fake miracles, but there is no fake teaching.”

Hold on. Now, alarm bells are going off in my head. Why exactly was that their choice of words?
Do they know something we don’t know? Is that an admission or dismissal of prior rumors? Wouldn’t this fuel more rumors rather than quell them?

By the way, the late pastor was never known for teaching. The new pastor, for over three years now, has not been known for miracles.
Is there more to this than meet the eyes?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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