It’s Not Always About Winning

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Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Roger Federer

 It is funny where one can pick up some of life most important lessons. All my life, I’ve been a big fan of Tennis, although I’ve never watched a complete tennis match, either live, or on T.V. I only watch the highlights. But I still enjoy it.
 All that affection only grew when I could recognize two face, Venus and Serena Williams. Although they are not exactly the most beautiful ladies I’ve met, but they are actually my all time favorite female tennis players, I love them to bits.
 Recently, I began to under the technical aspect of tennis, that was when I fell in love with the playing style of Roger Federer. Unlike Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, He is not exactly a power player, or speed player, but instead an intelligent player, probably the most intelligent tennis player of all time.
 This trio made me appreciate the beauty of the game, and made me follow the game more passionately.
 The most important lesson I learned from watching the three of them play is that There is a lot of lesson that can be learned from losing a game, or an incident. In life, if we can stop crying over spilled milk, or hurting over losing, or concentrating on the harsh part of life, we can actually learn a lot by enjoying every moment, watching the way the winner get things done, or even stop fighting it when we realize it will surely be futile, instead of quitting, we should continue trying, while learning from our actions what it is that we are doing wrong.
 Another lesson I learned is that the odds might not always favor you, but your fate is actually in your hands. Like recently, I learned Serena and Venus had this infection or illness that made them get fatigued easily, but they still fought against the odds, and when everyone believed their career was coming to an end, and all their fans wanted them to retire, so they wouldn’t continue losing, therefore saving them from any possible disgrace, but instead they fought back, and one of them went on to win the Wimbledon Open, as well as the Olympic. While both of won the women doubles. I hope one of them wins the New York Open.
 Even in Victory, they are always magnanimous, cheering up their opponents, to make them feel important, and even make them know that they are respected and appreciated.
 If I were in a tennis game against any of these three all time greats, I surely won’t be fighting back when I’m one set down and losing the second set by three points, I’ll just focus on learning and enjoying myself.For those of you who care to know, Serena and Venus are actually on my list of Celebrity Crushes, but one thing for sure, I’ll forever enjoying watching them, even if they are in the twilight of their career, but Serena and Roger seems to be enjoying a resurgence in performance.
 I’ll always love and respect these all time greats.