Sometimes You’re Just A Ben Chilwell – Josh Journal

A B-story that unfolded during the English FA Cup for this year centered around Ben Chilwell.
His storyline was so good, it almost upstaged the lead story. Thankfully, after snatching the spotlight for a few minutes, Ben Chilwell was glad (I doubt the veracity of that) to fade back into the supporting cast role.

Leaving his boyhood club where he had been since the age of twelve, Ben Chilwell joined Chelsea for a fee of forty-five million pounds at the start of this season.
Unlike Riyad Mahrez and N’Golo Kante, Ben Chilwell’s transfer was a little acrimonious. And like a woman scorned, Leicester City fans had been awaiting their chance to get back at him.

Chilwell was happy to declare that the FA Cup final was the type of big game he left Leicester City to play. Except for a minor detail. He was playing against the same Leicester he just left.
If this is the kind of game he left for, he might as well have stayed.
Really. He should have stayed.

Matchday rolled around and we were all shocked to find Ben Chilwell on the bench. Was that part of his dream?
If he had told Brendan Rogers that his desire was to sit out cup finals, I am certain that Brendan would have indulged him.

When eventually he was substituted on, the partisan Leicester fans were hostile to him.
It was so loud that it is still difficult to believe that only 6,250 Leicester fans were allowed in.
More disturbing for me is the fact that the 6,250 Chelsea fans present couldn’t raise enough cheering noise to match their opponents.

The fact that N’Golo Kante was enjoying a hassle-free match assured neutral viewers that this is personal.
If Ben Chilwell were black, I am sure some onlookers would have attempted to tie the boos to racism. Just as some have tried to do the same for the incessant booing and jeering that greets Raheem Sterling each time he plays Liverpool.
Thankfully, Chilwell is as white as white comes.

When in the 88th minute, Ben Chilwell succeeded in getting the ball in Leicester’s goal, his celebration was one that matched the occasion.
There was no need for a pretentious humility. His former supporters had been a pain in the neck all afternoon, now was his chance to get back at them. At least, he resisted the urge to pull an Emmanuel Adebayor and run all the way across the stadium to celebrate and rub it in their faces.

After his extensive celebration which included an energetic sprint, sliding on the pitch, thumping and kissing his badge, and thankfully, not taking off his jersey, Ben Chilwell was brought back to earth when his goal was ruled out.
His deflated mood was only matched by the ecstatic jubilation of the Leicester City faithfuls.

Just like that, his nightmare turn dream had been made worse than the original nightmare.
His attempt to ruin the Wes Morgan celebratory farewell was halted in its stride.

The final whistle would go off a few minutes later and Jamie Vardy would as usual lead the celebration.
After being the only player to feature in every round of the competition, he is crowned champion.

As for Ben Chilwell, he could only watch on, hoping this storyline gets lost in the shadows of Chelsea winning the Champions League in a couple of weeks.
Seniorman Kelz and Wilfred Ndidi would meanwhile get Dr. Sid featured in the Leicester City dressing room celebration.

Like Ben Chilwell, many people are waiting for a chance to get back at a past employer, employee, friend, or lover.
In their rush to get back at them, they sometimes get themselves into an “offside” position.

From shooting themselves in the foot to sticking their foot in their mouth, people end up doing more damage to themselves than their targets.
It is always better to pull a Kante and end things amicably. You ex-friend, boss, or lover should always be left with a smile whenever they see or remember you.

Hopefully we are at least, as fortunate as Danny Ward, if we ever get forced out.
Shipped out of Liverpool, a little too soon, he missed out on a Champions League and Premier League winners medal.
I hope he finds that a worthy compensation for being a second choice keeper.

He might still have a great career with more trophies in the future though. But at least, a FA Cup winners medal is a good starting point.
As for Ben Chilwell, hopefully, he wins the Champions League final against Manchester City. With that, he can move on from this blot in the notepad of his career.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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