Was Ambode Right? – RHETORICS

In the thick of politicking, politicians tend to say a lot. We have learned to take a lot of what they say with a pinch of salt. But when the dust settles, it is wise to go back and examine the mess left behind for pieces of truths, lessons for now and wisdom for the future. Which leaves me wondering, was Ambode right?
Without the backing of Jagaban, Mr Governor knew he was facing an uphill task to win the primaries of the APC. This required him to pull out all stops and lean into his deepest reserves for whatever ammunition that will serve him political victory. Which politician won’t do that?
Tinubu and Sanwo-Olu both took turns taking swings at the Governor. They ensured every Lagosian doubted his credibility and sense of judgment. Were they on to something?
Governor Ambode uncharacteristically of him responded in like manner, calling for a press conference, where he made scathing remarks about Sanwo-Olu. He touched on his criminal past, as well as previous drug use. He raised a lot of questions on Sanwo’s mental fitness and capability for office. Was He just seeking political points?
After one of the most disgraceful outing for an incumbent Governor in a Party’s Primary election in the history of Nigeria, Governor Ambode called a press conference again. Many expected him to announce his defection from the APC, thereby drawing the war line between him and his previous benefactor, Ex-Governor Tinubu. Were we wrong?
Governor Ambode announced that he had accepted the result of the primary and went on to congratulate Sanwo-Olu. Was all truly over?
Did Sanwo-Olu or Jagaban have something on Ambode that made him give up on fighting against one of the most ridiculous outcome of a quite irregular primary?
Was Ambode actually putting the party first or was he sure that leaving the party would do him more harm than good?
Were Lagosians suppose to just forget everything that Governor Ambode had said was wrong with Sanwo-Olu and his candidature and just vote him in?
Would Governor Ambode work for Sanwo-Olu’s victory or covertly work to get another party into power?

Can Jagaban ever lose his hold on Lagos State politics?
What will become of Our Gentleman Governor? Will he just walk away after May 29, 2019? Will the new government prosecute and/or persecute him?
Is there anything higher for Governor Ambode to move on to or will he pull a “Fayose” And come back to govern Lagos in the future?
If the Lagos APC primary election was free and fair, did Governor Ambode stand a chance of winning or was it a lost battle before it even started?
Were the “sins” of Governor Ambode against Lagosians so grave that it warranted a historically poor ouster from office, via the primaries?

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