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  • The truly courageous man considers God in his calculations. He doesn’t forget God in his daily life, only to search for Him in a crisis.
  • ‎Think! You can do a lot more than you realize. – Dawson Trottman.
  • ‎Potential means you haven’t done it yet. – John Madden.
  • ‎Potential is only realized when there is preparation.
  • ‎Move from calculation and contemplation to commitment.
  • ‎The best and wisest thing in the world is to work as if it all depended on you, and then trust in God, knowing it all depends on Him. – Spurgeon.
  • ‎We’ve heard so many positive thinking, self-help sermons, that we don’t know how to depend on God anymore.
  • ‎There is no pill for courage, it is developed and defined in the quiet place.
  • Joshua is an example of what God can do with one person who has the courage to follow wholeheartedly.
  • ‎I have yet to find a man who is easily discouraged that amounts to anything, anywhere. – D. L. Moody.
  • ‎A church (Family, business, Nation) rarely rises above the level of her leaders.
  • ‎All believers will get to heaven, but some of us are going to get there having experienced less than God’s best.
  • ‎Fear of failure, men and consequences will keep us crammed in a corner.
  • ‎Faithfulness in little things will open door for bigger things.

This is W. Joshua note from chapter three of the book “Courageous Living” by Michael Catt.
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