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China’s Space Junk – Josh Journal

According to China, the much-dreaded space junk that left a lot of people sleeping with one eye open, and a big net or mattress over their houses has finally landed on earth.
They claim it landed somewhere in the Indian Ocean, close to the Maldives.

In other words, the space junk is now a sea junk. Unlike the 2007 Chinese creation, this is no longer a space pollution, it is now a sea pollution.
A second important lesson, even space junks like to go on vacation. Why else would an uncontrolled flying debris opt to plunge into the ocean close to the Maldives? What else do people on vacation do?

For all the hullabaloo raised by us, I am really disappointed with us earthlings. Wasn’t this what the earth has been preparing for all these years?
All those movies accosting aliens? Intercepting meteors? The hero deciding to die with the spacecraft? Was it all a lie?

Can’t The Rock, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Ludacris, Tyrese, and the rest of the fast and furious crew drive into space and smash into, or use their hands to just push the junk a little to the side? Or were all their heroics in that series make-believe?
Should we lose faith in Hollywood’s ability to save humanity? Because I trust Nollywood. If we can do it in movies, then we can definitely do it off-screen too.

And for all of Elon Musk’s billions and scientific ingenuity, wasn’t this when he should have made himself a space hero by sending a space shuttle up with a net to capture the falling object?
Wouldn’t that have earned him a preemptive pardon for all the space junk he is guaranteed to create in the future? We will come back to discuss his current Tesla car in space.

Looking back at China’s space junk from 2007 and now, 2021, should space endeavors be a source of worry? Just like with industrialization and global warming, countries that didn’t participate or benefit could be the worst-hit victims.
So we weren’t supposed to be scared of falling rocks and meteors after all, it is space junk that is going to be the end of life as we know it.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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