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I don’t have a child yet, so some will insist I am not qualified to give child-raising advice. There is no need for me to argue against that. But there is one piece of advice I insist on giving, even if unsolicited. STOP LEAVING YOUR CHILDREN WITH IDIOTS!!!!!

Because I typed that in caps lock, you might think I am shouting, AND YOU ARE RIGHT. I am shouting.
I’d be cussing and swearing if I were that kind of man, but that isn’t a vocabulary I use.
Seriously. Stop leaving your children with idiots.

If you are wondering if I am taking this personal, yes I am. This is fueled by something I witnessed today.
My neighbor’s nine years old son was talking to a young man who should be in his early or mid-twenties. They were in front of my house and I was busy with a chore there, so I had no choice but to witness it all.

From the look of things, the young man is either a family friend or a family member. This was apparent from the way the boy’s mum related with him.
First, the boy’s elder sister was interested in plucking a fruit from the tree in my house. The young man stopped her from climbing and insisted on climbing the tree to get her the fruit.

According to him, if a lady climbs a tree, the fruit of that tree will lose its sweetness.
Really? Seriously? Someone still believes that in 2021.

The boy and girl are still young and impressionable. Imagine them being bound by the yoke of this false and useless knowledge for the rest of their lives.
Unless someone comes and proves it to be wrong, they actually might share this same fallacy with their peers, friends, and maybe kids in the future.

After the girl left, the guy called a lady on the phone and she came around. She spent a short time with them, then left.
As soon as she left, the boy and the guy were soon caught up in a seriously heated discussion. The guy was insistent that all men need to test their “virility” and “manhood” to make sure they are “strong” and “working“.

The boy said this was against God’s law, and the guy said if it was against God’s law, then it won’t be active until after marriage.
When the boy asked if it was the same for ladies, the guy began twisting and turning between the Quran and culture. According to him, the lady must keep herself pure. Religion and tradition demand it.

I don’t know if this is a position the boy’s parents share, but I know this young man is planting dangerous seeds in the boy’s heart.
I can remember a lot of conversations I had with adults as a child. Many of them left imprints on me that to this day still dwell with me.
It took extensive reading, engaging discussions, movies, documentaries, news, and movies to change my mind on many of those positions.

I can remember arguing with someone who definitely knows better, based on one nonsense someone had fed me.
This boy’s mum was at home, but busy with something else. Her innocent child is left with an idiot of an adult who is abusing his mind.

Lots of parents are sensitive about who they leave their children with, but only watch out for physical and sexual abuse. They forget that the movies children watch are sometimes difficult to differentiate from reality.
They don’t censor what other adults expose their children to in their absence. Or the cartoon and movies they pacify their kids with when they need time to do something else.

Ideas and opinions from adults are ingested line, hook, and sinker by children. Especially authoritative ones, or the ones the children have deemed to be knowledgeable or credible.

Haven’t you seen children argue with their parents when being taught school assignments?
They’ll insist, “this is how my teacher taught me”. Even when you tell them that this is an alternative way to do the same thing, they’ll double down and ask you to use the teacher’s method.

Now imagine the amount of other life-shaping information your children are assimilating from untrustworthy sources.
Stop leaving your children with idiots. That might be the key to your peace of mind in the future.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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