Miley Cyrius is Engaged?

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Come on guys, don’t they just look good with each other?

 I know this is stale news to everyone who follows international entertainment trend, but this happened while I was off of blogging world, I did had something to say about it, and decided to share my opinion here anyways.
 Miley Cyrus, a.k.a Hannah Montanah is engaged to Liam Hemsworth. The same Miley that we watched blossom from a young talented teenage sensation, into a beautiful damsel, is actually engaged? The same girl I watched on T.V and can still remember all those awkward moments on T.V? wow.
 I don’t know why, but saying those stuffs actually makes me feel kinda old, (I’m only a couple of months older than her). Anyone close enough to me knows that I love Miley Cyrus to bits, (I think in a couple of days, I will reveal to you guys a list of my celebrity crushes. Trust me, You’ll find the list shocking.) But this is one girl I’m very happy for, as I can remember all the times she was in the press for all the wrong reasons, I’m not gonna bore you by taking you down memory lane, but I know many of you guys can remember a lot of the scandals she was involved in. (If you have no clue about that, just search for “Miley Cyrus Scandal” on any search engine, The result will probably take you a lifetime to go through.)
 Despite all her bad moments and flaws, I still love Miley more than any of you can imagine. When I first heard she was engaged, I was very happy for her, but a part of me was sad and frightened. I was like is she ready for this? can she handle this? Is she with the right guy? But when I read more about Liam Hemsworth, I was kinda relaxed about her, hoping things do work out between them, and he proves to be the right partner for her. I actually pray she doesn’t have to go through some of the stuffs that my other crush “Britney Spears” has gone through.
 Here’s a word for Liam, I watched you guys on “The Last Song,” and the chemistry between you guys seemed real, do take good care of her, and never hurt her, else I’ll be coming after you.