PSA: International Association of Backstabbers

We the International Association of Backstabbers want to solemnly remember one of our patriarchs this Easter season.
Our hearts and minds go out to Mr. Judas, the son of Iscariot.

Although he is not the first backstabber in history, without him committing to the art of backstabbing, the blessings of Easter would be incomplete.
How else were the religious elders supposed to find their way to Christ without Judas selling Him out?

As much as we are often painted as antagonists, we are a necessary evil that ensures the wheels of history and time keeps going.
Without our honorable Brutus, how is the story of Julius Caesar supposed to be complete?

As backstabbers, when found out, people are always in a hurry to hate and castigate us. You people would be acting like you were the first to be sold out. Do you think we like being caught?
And were you the first to be betrayed? Please, calm down.

At the end of the day, everyone needs a nemesis. The hero’s journey is incomplete without one of us.
If the peak of your opposition is a backstabber, as long as we haven’t physically stabbed you as Brutus did to Julius Caesar, you should mind your business and keep being grateful.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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