My Disgraceful Memory – Josh Journal

It is weird what my brain chooses to remember, and when. It is so bad, that it is disgraceful.
I’m talking disgraceful on a facepalm level. Like, “let this ground open up and swallow me” level of disgraceful.

About three years after high school, I was at my mum’s shop when someone came and started greeting me. I answered kind of coldly because I didn’t know him.
Sensing that I didn’t recognize him, the guy came closer and was insisting he knew me.

He began trying to describe himself and where he knew me from. This guy mentioned our school, the year, how I went past his house, yet my memory was just on holiday.
My mum was beginning to sense mischief and started trying to intervene.

The guy felt a little offended and a little disgraced. He at first felt I was pretending not to know him, but when he saw my earnestness, he began to doubt himself.
Repeatedly, he wondered aloud about how I looked exactly like someone he knew. He even insisted that truly, God created us in pairs.

Immediately he apologized for the disturbance and excused himself, I remembered exactly where I knew him.
I remembered so vividly, I felt like knocking my own head.

Reluctantly, I had to admit to my mum and my aunt who had witnessed it all, that I actually knew him.
At first, they thought I had played a trick on the guy. Then my aunt mentioned how tricky my memory has proven to be. I can remember things from nursery school, but forget what clothes I wore last week.

Turns out the boy lived two streets from mine when I was a kid. I used to walk past his house every day from primary school until Junior Secondary School.
Worse still, we attended the same Senior Secondary School and even exchanged pleasantries every time we met in school.

We were both popular for different things but walked in different circles.
While I was quieter, he was effervescent and unmissable in any crowd. He is known to be selfless and was known for stepping in to prevent fights and disorder.

I don’t know if he’ll see this, but Omiya’le is a real G. If you ever see this, I want you to know that Joshua remembered you that day, and is really sorry it was after you left he remembered you.
I wish I can say my disgraceful memory is better now, but I’ll reserve other tales for a later time.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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