PSA: Matters Settlers Association Of Nigeria

Fellow countrymen and women, this is a Public Service Announcement from the Matters Settlers Association Of Nigeria.

Recently, we have been receiving an overflow, flooding, and spamming of all our communication channels with requests to settle diverse matters of all sorts of importance, severity, and consequences.

We the Matters Settlers Association Of Nigeria are really proud of you for your faith in our matter settling ability. If you don’t believe in us, what is the point of our existence?

On this note, we are indeed saddened by the fact that we couldn’t settle all matters tabled before us in a timely fashion. As you all know, membership in the Matters Settlers Association Of Nigeria is voluntary.

The spike in the number of cases caught us unawares. We couldn’t get into a recruitment drive to garner more members soon enough to resolve said matters in a timely fashion.

Thankfully, the government of Lagos State along with some other states really supported us during this period. They loaned us some judicial staffs to act as arbiters, and this hastened the resolution of a lot of matters.

Just as our motto states, “All matters must be settled.” If we are going to achieve this in a timely and just manner, we need your support.

We need more of you to volunteer your precious time and intellect to our noble cause. With you on our side, we can help a lot more people resolve matters that have proven too complex and often beyond remedy.

Whatever your expertise, be it finance, educational, legal, marital, relationship, sports, or anything else. There is always a matter that requires your valued input.

The time has come for you to join the rank of distinguished matters settlers. Will you heed the call?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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