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Song Of The Day: 2Face – Outside

Africa’s Finest, “2Face Idibia”

WITH YOU IS WHERE I’D RATHER BE. That’s what I’ve always believed was the title of this song until I saw the Video, that’s when I realized the title is actually Outside.
This is a song you just can’t help but love, each time I listen to this song, I get to love it even more, and it reminds me of all of my sweetest memories, as well as all the people I ever and still love.
This song could be used as an alternative definition for the word “Love” (But not in an examination).
This song brings out the genius in 2Face Idibia, and remains one of his master-piece.
I’m dedicating today’s “Song Of The Day” to everyone I love, as well as everyone who is in love.
And to everyone I love, as well as everyone who loves me, remember, “WITH YOU IS WHERE I’D RATHER BE”.

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