LOVE 101 : A Practical Course on Loving and being Loved.

For goodness sake, can someone tell me, What is Love?

Love is easily the most misused word in the English vocabulary (Same thing applies for it’s translations in other language).  It is easily the most misunderstood word.
Thanks to it’s continual abuse, “Love” is now one of the most dreaded words, we all want to say it, as well as hear someone say it to us, but the moment we hear it, we get all suspicious and defensive. “Love” has led to the ending of some great friendship, as well as partnership. It seems the moment most people hear the word love, an alarm automatically goes off in their head that says “Caution, Danger Ahead.”.
The word Love has raised a lot of question, among which I’ll be asking a few, and over the course of some time, I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability.
-What is Love?
-Differences between Love and Lust.
-Dangers of falling in love.
-Benefits of falling in love.
-How soon is too soon to say “I Love You”?
-Are there any laws binding Love?
-Are there any loop-holes in the laws regarding Love?
-What’s the difference between love among friends of same sex, and friends among opposite sex?
-Is Love ever too much?
-How do you know you’ve fallen in Love?
-Why should I Love?
-Does He/She love me as much as I Love Him/Her?
-Should I tell my best-friend of the opposite sex I love her, when I begin to fall in love with her?
-What if I offend her?
-Could I loose a friend because of Love?
-What are the attributes of Love?
-Is there anything like true Love?
-Is Love ever worth the risk?
-Do I Love Him?
-What is “Biblical Love”?
All these and many more I’ll try to answer from my perspective.
Although I’m not a relationship expert, (I’ve never been in one) My neutral view might just help you find the answer to your love questions.
Just stay tuned to this blog, and I’ll answer every question you might have at the end of each post, feel free to leave your coments.
Remember, Love Is All,
God Is Love,
and I Love You All.