The Wedding IV Palava – Josh Journal

I am currently in a serious conundrum. I am caught up in a wedding IV palaver, with serious ramifications.
First thing first, so we are on the same page, I am not the one getting married. So it is not my wedding IV that is causing palaver.
Rather, it is my friend. Or so I thought.

For the last ten years, I have been telling my friend, a lady, that when the time for her wedding comes, I want to be informed well ahead. So I can get my Agbada ready.
As you can see, the Agbada I spelt begins with a CAPITAL LETTER rather than a small letter.
That is me attempting to pass across the importance of the Agbada.

This lady is a special friend to me. I accord her a lot of respect. She has been likeable, friendly, intelligent, and industrious in over fifteen years that I have known her.
She has been the kind of a friend that warrant me donning my Agbada for.
The fact that I currently do not own an agbada is irrelevant to this discussion.

One of the reasons I did ask to receive an early wedding IV is so I can get a tailor to get the agbada ready.
I am not interested in agbadas enough to just have them lying around in my wardrobe.
In my opinion, only special people are deserving of an agbada. And she is one of them.
She is so deserving that I am supposed to show up with one with a capital A at the beginning.

She had agreed to my request for an early invite long ago and I have been waiting peaceably.
That is until I heard from another friend of hers that she is getting married.
Let me not mix things up or get ahead of myself. No, the friend did not explicitly tell me she was getting married.

No, the friend did not even actually say she was getting married. Yes, the friend knows I am on standby for early IV. And yes, the friend is also a good friend of mine.

What had happened was that the friend had implied in a post about her that she will be doing something special on a specific date close by. She used words that in coded parlance indicates walking down the aisle. Both of my friends are close. Like siblings close. On second thought, they use to be more like conjoined twins close, until the second friend got married.
Now their closeness has reduced to the level of twins at best, and close siblings at worst.

With or without an early IV, I am expected to be at the wedding. Matter of factly, without a wedding IV at all, I am still supposed to be there.
This is my conundrum now. If I don’t get an early IV, should I go without an Agbada? And if I go without my Agbada, do I have valid grounds to be upset?

Better still, should I just go ahead and make the Agbada now?
I could just ask her what the colour of the day is.

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