Asa: Live (Home) Concert #LiveMusic

Those who have been privileged and blessed to have experienced Asa live in concert do not need any prompting to sign up for an encore.
For those of us who know what the Asa live experience is like, we are salivating and eagerly awaiting our turn.

This piece is for those who are not yet members of the Asa live fan club.
If you don’t know who Asa is, then I want to ask you how comfortable is that rock you have been sleeping under for all these years?

If you know who Asa is, and have heard her music, but you are not salivating at the prospecting of seeing Asa live, then I really can’t help you.
Your case is in your own hands. Just stop reading, scroll down, and press play.

For anyone who has heard Asa sing, but still has doubt about her ability, any doubt at all, no matter how small…
Kindly arrange to have your head washed at the Bar Beach. I believe that is the only way to wash every color of your problem away.

This Asa Live Home Concert is in celebration of the 2021 International Women’s Day. One of the highlights for me was watching Asa’s dog join her on stage.
A “low-light” for me though is that I didn’t get to see Janet Nwose. She might be the background vocalist, but it would have been lovely to see her.

What is an Asa live experience without Janet Nwose? She is one of the reasons we are buying the tickets.
They are another creative duo that help us take away the many worries Nigeria has on offer.

In this live home concert, Asa performs Murder in the USA, Stay tonight, Jailer, Nine lives, and So beautiful.
I desperately wanted her to transit from Nine lives to Don’t let me go. That would have been a new peak for 2021 for me.

The production here, like everything Asa, is top-notch. Audio quality is premium. I must applaud the band and the technical crew.
The video crew also did a great job. Again, the only reason they would be getting half the applause that the audio crew got is that they didn’t show us Janet Nwose.

Other than that, they did an admirable job. The colors were crisp and clear, the shots were complimentary and not destructive. World-class stuff.
I hope other Nigerian acts aspire to create something this good in concert.

Johnny Drille did a good job with Johnny’s Room live in Abuja.
Wait. When will we be blessed with a Johnny Drille and Asa collaboration? And how long do we have to wait before getting Asa on the I Said What I Said Podcast with FK and Jollz?
In the meantime, all I can do is hope the lockdown on events gets lifted soon enough so we can start looking forward to experiencing Asa live, and in-person again.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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