Why Am I Here? (Sincerely Yours)

There is a point you get to, and it is imperative you ask yourself, why am I here?
I’m not talking about “life“. I’m not being philosophical and I’m not talking about the age-old question of why humans exist, or why you, in particular, were created.

Instead, you will always find yourself in places and events. The idea would have been oversold to you. They might have promised that you’ll meet someone important, or learn something useful.
Then you get there, and right from the beginning, or maybe an hour in, and you begin to ask yourself, why am I here?
This is the time to take your leave.

You might stubbornly insist on staying. Maybe you believe they will turn things around. Or they just might redeem themselves.
Maybe the person who invited you tells you that it’s about to get interesting. Or that they have a role to play in the next hour and you should just wait.

Just like that, another hour or two of your life is tied down.
Things do not get better from there out. Maybe it even gets worse.
You can tell you know better than the speaker. Or you do not agree with anything they are saying. Or maybe this is just off-script from what you expected.

This time around, don’t ask yourself “why am I here?
Instead, take your exit. At least, you are now certain it’s not about to get better.
Be it a movie, a concert, a church service, a seminar, or whatever else. Just leave.

They might tell you that you’ve been there this long, why not just endure it. Someone might say they are already about to finish and you should just as well stay.
Another person might argue that leaving now would mean you have wasted all the time you spent already.

Spending more time or money there doesn’t justify or increase the value of the ones you already spent. Rather, you are wasting more resources.
Don’t be a victim of the sunk cost fallacy. Whatever more time you waste is worse than what you already wasted. Because this time around, you are wasting it with your own permission and knowledge.

There are a thousand and one other music, movies, books, events, and places to experience. And there is very limited time to go through them.
Forcing yourself through one is torture you are inflicting on yourself when you could have moved on to other pleasures.

Wherever you find yourself, if you ever have to ask yourself “why am I here”, then it is time to say your goodbyes.
Don’t be that fellow who is penny wise, pound foolish. At the end of the day, time wasted can never be regained.
Sincerely yours,
Wilson J.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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