If We Must – Vector × Mastaa (Song Of The Day)

If we must talk about Rap Music in Nigeria, then we must talk about Vector. And if we must rank the best Nigerian rap songs for 2020, then “If We Must” must be somewhere in the top three so far this year.

Simple, concise, intelligent, and magnificently beautiful is how I will describe it. And the instrumental and vocal accompaniment was just perfect. I applaud Master Kraft for that. That was to perfection.

Vector talks about the inability of most people to handle the truth. Our constant demand of others to be transparent while trying to hide our own skeletons in all manners of cupboards.

He takes a swipe at Nigerians failure to understand the Corona Virus pandemic, and our choice to rather propound conspiracy theories. Especially the 5G theory. This is in a country where no service provider has gotten full 4G coverage, nor ready to roll out 5G.

Patience is a virtue, empathy is just as important. With the endemic level of poverty in Nigeria, we should understand that people are going through turbulent issues. We should put this in mind when relating to others.
Most importantly, a revolution cannot be brought about with guns in Nigeria. No coup in our history has left us any better than it met us. It is time to put our numerous intelligent people to the task.

We can only fix our nation through thoughtful actions at this point. No strong man can come to save us. No politician or party can. It requires putting the brightest amongst us to lead the rest of us. As well as a change in attitude from the populace.

The change in attitude will come when the led can see the direction they are being led towards, and trust the leaders to have the best interest of everyone else at hand.

If We Must Lyrics

Oh, oh
Hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm, hmm

You want me to say my mind
You want me to keep it real
But if the real is gon’ hurt you
Then I probably should leave it sealed

When gbesè no be your own, I should pick the bill
They shouldn’t dig into your matter
They dare not dig into your matter, Haba
You wey go turn Navy seal

You want me to suffer for you
But you won’t suffer for me
My movie still dey load, yeah
‘Til you choose to buffer for me

Everyone was moving mad until corona came
And who’s holding the pad to this corona games?
In between, we’re advancing 5G, wait
But our Telcos are crappy my gee

We wey never even enjoy 4G
Make we rejoice? What’s the joy for gee?
The illiterates are beggin’
The educated are beggin’

Name a place where the people are not beggin’
That’s where the money is truly headin’
But I know we can’t win if na by guns
The only way to win is by the brain

If we must win by the sun
We must be willin’ to win in the rain
If we must win by the sun
We must be willin’ to win in the rain,
Win in the rain