The Twenty Years Realization – Josh Journal

One of the things I love the most is having a realization out of the blue. Like I’m seated, working on “K”, and then “C⁷⁹¹” from ten years ago pops up in my mind, but not as a problem, but as a solution.
I would have gone with an epiphany as the description, but these aren’t necessarily important or complicated matters.

Sometimes, it was never a problem at all. I never spent time thinking about it, so I never expected my mind to resolve it.
It’s just a realization that occasionally is life-changing, and at other times is just amusing.

My favorite of such realization is an interpretation of words I have used repeatedly in English. Especially Yoruba and Benin words. Names, even more.
I already wrote about finding out what Chineke na kpo gi meant, and how I laughed at my earlier years from that.

I was prompted to write about this when my mind recently went “do you know that Odemona means the hunter knows the way?”
You should have seen how my mind was blown.

What difference does this make? You ask.
I have known an Odemona for over ten years now. Repeatedly, I’ve had to ask myself, “what type of name is that?”
I like to understand things. It’s just second nature to me.

Eventually, I concluded that it must be a name native to one of the minor sub-dialects in Yoruba land.
May if I had just added a space between “ode” and “mo” and “ona”.

Randomly, the realization dawned on me that the name was a sentence stripped down of its spaces.
I was happy and pissed at myself at the same time. How did it take me this long to realize this? Considering how much time I spent thinking about this, I should have known it earlier.

This is just one example of my recent “light bulb” moments.
I’ve had the same experience with songs and rhymes from my childhood. Especially the ones used for the choral groups and cultural dance.

As the drummer, I didn’t have to learn the words of the song. The rhythm was enough.
Over twenty years later, I have caught myself trying to figure out the meaning of many of those songs.

When I occasionally stumble on them or have them descend on me, it is always a joyous moment.
Memories are always more pleasant when they come with interpretations and insight.

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