The Setup (Deputy Girlfriend)

What is happening here? Why are Hannah and Tomi sitting down and sharing a meal like sisters? Is this a setup? Are my eyes playing a trick on me? Did I enter the wrong room?
I stopped in my track and observed them for a bit.

“Good afternoon, Dear” Hannah began.
“Good afternoon,” I responded hesitantly.
I can’t trust these girls. They must be up to something. Who knows how long they’ve been together? How can I know what has been said and by who? I need to tread carefully.

“Should I come and serve your food or do you want to bath first?” Tomi asked me.
This girl is an alakoba. Why would she want to dish my food when my girlfriend is around. There is something fishy about this whole setup.
Or is this a setup?

“Yes. No. Wait.” What am I saying?
These girls have finally gotten me. If I say yes, Hannah would think that is how Tomi has been feeding me. If I say no, Tomi would know I only said it because Hannah is here. She will get back at me when Hannah leaves.
There is just no way out of this setup. Why did she have to mention me bathing? What is wrong with this girl?

“Don’t worry. I will serve myself,” I replied Tomi as I walked towards the room.
That was a close call. All I need to do now is to stay long in the room. And when I come out, I will eat slowly. No one will talk to me while I eat. I might just squeeze my way out of this situation.

“You will just go without giving me a welcome kiss?” Hannah shouted as I made my way towards the bedroom door.
What is wrong with these girls? Why are they hellbent on messing with my head. Does she really expect me to kiss her in front of Tomi?

If only I had waited for that meeting in the church, maybe Tomi would have slept, or even left the house before I got home.
And Hannah too, someone that never wants any PDA, now she is asking for a kiss in front of company.
My village people are working on my case overtime. This is the worst setup of the century.

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