The Underdog Lover Syndrome – Josh Journal

The story of the underdog beating the odds and getting an upset against the favorite is a trope that everyone is familiar with.
I have seen so much of it in books and movies, to an extent that it can no longer be the unique point or main storyline for me to follow.

In real life though, the underdog story is always one I will acknowledge and appreciate.
Winning against the odds can be a torturous ordeal. Anyone who survives it should be celebrated.

Some people romanticize the underdog story to a fault. Once there is a competition, without trying to find out the intricate or any details at all, they immediately side with the underdog.
In all honesty, they do not do this out of love or belief in the underdog.

Their selfish reason for supporting the underdog is that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking that position.
If the underdog loses, they explain away that they never stood a chance. If the upset is successful though, they trumpet their foresight and ingenuity.

In reality, the outcome only boosts their ego with a win. A loss doesn’t as much as leave a spot on their ego.
Your loss isn’t their loss, but they want to grab all the spotlight and glory from your win.

As the underdog, you need to understand why people support you. Investors expect a return on investment. But at least, they have put their money, or time, or other resources where their mouth is.
Those whose only contribution is their mouths, are the ones you should be more wary of.

They will talk you up to your rivals, get your opponents more pumped up to face you, even get new enemies on your behalf. But when it’s time to step in the ring, you are all alone.
Audit those in your camp. The most dangerous people you can have on your team are spies and backstabbers.

They are closely followed by those who support you for their own ego.
Their ego might get you the beating of your life. Imagine having to face an opponent whose only anger with you is something one of your supposed supporters said.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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