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The Way To A Man’s Heart (Deputy Girlfriend)

As soon as I was free from the crowd that had throng around me trying to get Tomi’s number, my heart was merry.
With one more win, Liverpool was on track to win the league for the first time in thirty years.

As we tend to do after most matches, Patrick and I stopped by a buka to grab a quick meal.
We use to visit about three different eateries on match days, but since Patrick set his heart on one of the ladies that worked at this establishment, he wouldn’t let us eat elsewhere.

I bought rice and plantain. That was usually my celebratory meal. Patrick meanwhile spent more time trying to get the lady to talk with him than actually eating.
How can I convince this guy that buying food is not the way to win her heart? Thousands of people buy food here. And a lot of them are also trying to win her affection.

When the owner of the shop began commenting to get Patrick uncomfortable, he finished his food and we got out.
On the way, he told me that he already had the lady’s number, but she wasn’t responding to him on WhatsApp.
What is my business with that?

When I got back to the house, I met a plate covered on the table. Tomi came out of the room and began complaining that I got back late?
How can I be late to my own house? When did she become a timekeeper? Why exactly is she bothered by my coming late?

Next, she brought two spoons and said we should begin eating. I told Tomi that I had eaten on the way home.
“What? Why will you eat outside? Didn’t you know that I will cook?”

Wait ooo. When did me and Tomi discuss dinner plans? Or did I miss anything? Why is she this upset about my eating out?
I was tempted to shut her down, but the rational part of me reminded me that if I did, she might never offer me food again.

There is also the fact that I didn’t give her any money, yet this was the second meal she was offering me today.
Plus her meals were actually delicious. It would hurt to miss out on this in the future.

I pacified her by telling her that I didn’t know she was cooking again tonight. I thought it was the meal from earlier that was remaining and I didn’t want to eat it again.
Plus I didn’t want her stressing herself because of food.

Tomi said she is happy to cook and enjoys doing it. According to her, the way to a man’s heart is through good meals, and she intends to practice with me until she gets married.

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