Alone Time (Deputy Girlfriend)

With Tomi going off to see her friends, I finally had some alone time with Hannah.
As soon as Tomi was out the door, I and Hannah collapsed on the sofa together. All I wanted was some alone time, why wouldn’t Tomi take the cue until now?

As my mind pondered this, Hannah began talking. She offhandedly remarked that Tomi was a beautiful girl.
What was I supposed to say in response? If I agree, then she would claim I had my sights on her. If I disagree, then she would say I’m lying and have my sights on her.
There is just no winning.

Rather than respond, I kept quiet. You cannot misquote or misunderstand a quiet man.
Next, Hannah mentioned that Tomi’s dress was really sexy.
Why are we spending the little alone time we had together talking about Tomi? This is entrapment. Hannah definitely has a plan.

Again, I said nothing. I am not going to talk myself out of a relationship. Whatever Hannah has in mind, she would eventually spill.
Finally, Hannah asked if Tomi’s food was sweet. I couldn’t hold back anymore.

Rather than tell her yes or no, I asked her if she has a problem with Tomi staying with me. Hannah innocently said no.
I would have totally believed her, except that she has been trying to ruin our little alone time by endlessly bringing up Tomi.

“Then why do you keep bringing up Tomi?” I asked her.
Hannah was shocked. She got off me and went to sit on another chair. I could see a bit of hurt and anger in her eyes.

I braced for a barrage of strong words and accusations. Maybe even a stream of tears.
Instead, Hannah calmly asked me if she wasn’t supposed to be interested in who was living with her boyfriend.

She told me that she was honestly admiring Tomi and her dress sense. That Tomi seems actually nice and the meal was delicious.
According to Hannah, she had gotten to the house and Tomi had welcomed her excitedly. It was even Tomi who dished the food without asking. She had tried eating with Hannah to reassure her there was no ill intention.

But Hannah said when she tasted the food and realized how delicious it was, she had to tell Tomi to go get hers.
There was no need to pretend to be courteous or cute. She had sat down to devour the meal.

I was stunned. All this while, I had been expecting an implosion among them. It had never occurred to me that they could be friendly or even end up liking one another.
In my bid to enjoy my alone time with Hannah, I had ruined it by being suspicious and untrusting.

I had projected my fears on her and reacted without appraising her words or actions.
There are no two ways to say this, I messed up. I immediately began apologizing to Hannah. She refused to come over to join me on the sofa.

I had to go over and join her. It was then I explained how I had been scared that she and Tomi wouldn’t get along.
I told her how I had been worried and unable to think up ways to please both of them.

Finally, she saw things my way and forgave me. But not without chastising me for believing women couldn’t get along.
She would go on to accuse me of thinking little of her by expecting her to be territorial. Her joke on how I was big-headed for thinking she would ever fight another girl because of me really stung.

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