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Trouble And The Troubled Tribe – Josh Journal

There are some people you meet and without mincing words, you acknowledge that this fellow likes trouble.
Let’s change that. This fellow LOVES trouble.

You can see it in the way they speak, walk, even eat. Everything about their mannerism is asking for a fight.
Their laughter is not excluded. If it doesn’t sound wicked and brutal, it’ll sound mischievous.

If you stumble on them while they are asleep, it looks like a fight scene. The bedsheet is scattered and their snoring will frighten a child.
They have troubled those around them while awake, and they are ready to unleash torment on the dream world.

The kind of person that if you see in your dreams, you will say a prayer immediately you wake up.
And if they are the first person you see when you wake up, your only saving grace is to go back to bed. Else, trouble will be lurking at every corner you turn.

Then there is another category of people. Everyone knows and admits that they do not like trouble.
Before you raise your voice, they are apologizing. Even when they are in the right, they will let you have your way, just to avoid unnecessary drama.

Yet, there are some of such people that trouble just like.
If they walk in the market, somehow, their handbag will knock down a tray of eggs. In the church, their elbow always pushes down the offering tray or basket.

The conductor never has change for them. A car would drive through the mud, out of five people on the road, the mud will only splash on them.
If a phone is missing, of the over ten thousand phone models out there, it would just happen to be their kind of phone, and they will have to spend one hour proving that this phone is theirs.

You begin to avoid going out with them. In a convoy of ten cars, whichever one they are in will be the only one that the police will stop and search.
And it would be that one policeman that everyone knows to be heartless and a time-waster.

They are the ones that their biro always stops working in the exam hall. And whoever tries to borrow them one will get accused of examination malpractice by the invigilator.
At a point, everyone starts to think it is “village people”. You even jokingly suggest that they go and wash their head in a river.

Now imagine a third category of people. They like trouble, and trouble likes them.
Whenever they show up, you can take a bet that a punch would get thrown within the hour.

Even if they know nothing about the fight, they are always happy to contribute their quota.
They always have the latest rumor, and if you allow them to spill it, somehow those involved will just happen to show up.

That would not stop them from finishing their gist. They will look those affected in the eyes as they “front stab” rather than backbite.
And if you dare utter a word, the slaps and blows that would follow are better imagined than experienced.

When they are angry, you need to avoid them. When they are happy, you need to be careful around them.
Theirs is not a mood swing, it’s a mood tornado. And it obliterates everything in its path.

At the end of the day, some people like trouble, trouble like some people. And some people like trouble and trouble loves them in return.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
Follow him on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. @IJOSWIL

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