True As Steel – JOSHUA’S NOTE

To be tough as steel is to be an individual with firm resolution, an inner strength of character, will or courage.
To be steel-minded is to be tough minded, fearless and undaunted in the pursuit of a given task or set goal.
Every dream comes with its challenges, but being tough-minded helps turn stumbling blocks to stepping stones.
To be true as steel often require standing alone like Daniel or being absconded on by “Partners” like Paul at his trials. Stand firm, steadfast and unyielding.
Withstand every opposition and be ready to suffer for your convictions and dreams.
Steel-mindedness begins in the heart – A fixed mind on your dreams, convictions, ideals and ideas.
The way may be rough and tough; the task may be great and demanding; time may be limited for the given task, tighten up your belt, roll up your sleeves, take charge, Start! One more step, one more attempt could be all that is between you and success.
The secret of strength like steel is tapping into God’s limitless resources through prayer.

This is W. Joshua’s note from Chapter Four of the book “Be Yourself” by W. F. Kumuyi of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry.
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