Where Is Your Money? – Josh Journal

Late last year, I was in conversation with an acquaintance and he asked me, “where is your money? Why aren’t you wealthy?”
The person in question can be categorized as rich. And I know him well enough to know that he didn’t ask the question as an insult.

Rather, that was his response to me saying something he considered profound.
You see, we were having a conversation about a new business he was setting up and I just gave him salient advice on business management.
This wasn’t the first time I was giving him advice. And not just on business. We had previously discussed on different issues, and I tend to leave him wowed.

In his wisdom, someone this smart should have money. He should be wealthy. Considering my current economics, it wasn’t adding up.
Before I could respond, a friend who was also in conversation quipped me and responded first. He told him, “money or wealth is not always a response to wisdom“.
That was right. He said a couple of other things, but that was the most important thing he said. I then had to respond.

The truth is as much as we are all created equal, we are not all born equal. Whatever advantage we inherit plays a significant role in how our life unfolds.
Being born into money, riches and wealth give one a cushion, ensuring you can take risks with less fear. It also means you can get an education more easily and to the highest level, even if you aren’t keen on it or exceptional at it.

That money also provides funding if you decide to go into business. You have the resources to operate at a scale your competitors might not, you can hire the best heads and muscles.
These are noteworthy advantages.

Money and wealth often open doors that are difficult to open. Same as the name of your forbears, or a couple of relatives, family friends, and other people you or someone you know knows.
Doors you never knew existed will open. Same as the ones others believe are decorative.

All of these are not exactly excuses. The most important key is time, opportunity and access. Getting an education, seeking extra knowledge, and socializing is all about positioning yourself for these three things.
It takes money to make money. When the starting capital is unavailable, you have to bide for time, seek opportunity, and align yourself with those that can grant you access to the next level.

Currently, that is the phase I’m at. If you ask me what my superpower is, I’ll say taking any idea and making it a hundred times better.
So, if you need someone like that around you, or on a project, I am your man.

At the end of the day, may our gifts and ability make a way for us as Proverbs say. May our circumstances not get the best of us.
Most importantly, may we not lose our true essence in the quest for something else.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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