Not For Hire (Note To Self)

Friendship is a sacred thing to me and it’s not for hire. It is time I begin to scrutinize my friends, note who is seeing our relationship as a selfish business engagement, who is using me for selfish interest, who is all about adding toxicity into my life, and get rid of them.
My friendship has never been for hire, that’s why I have always built relationships, not caring about immediate gains nor considering what I could pilfer off you. I always want my friends to be alright, put their interest at heart and try to check up on them to make sure they are alright. But when someone chooses to take all of that for granted, or only check on me when they have a need I can satisfy, but will never make themselves available when needed except for hire, then it’s time to draw the line.
If everything you can do for me, I have to hire you for it, but I gotta constantly help you out, what are we friends for? Do you think our relationship is a mono-directional resource sharing arrangement? You think I don’t know the value of money?
It is time I begin to stand my ground. As I make the effort to keep the embers of our friendship aflame, I’ll like to see you try too. If our relationship would be that of “for hire”, then two can play that game. And if ever I find someone who is just a little better at whatever you do, then “we” are over.
As for those friends who have proven to be true friends and not just friends for hire, I am ever grateful to God for you and will continually appreciate your presence in my life.
I am indeed blessed to have known you.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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