A Friend In Need Is A _____

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Attitude makes all the Difference in Giving and Receiving

 A Friend in need can mean a lot of things to a different people. That’s why we say “Different strokes for different folks.” The popular saying is that “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.”
But time and again, I’ve had reason’s to disagree with this. I’ve been shown that just as He can be a “friend indeed,” a friend in need can also be “a counselor, a confidant, a threat to You, or worse of all, A Pain in the Ass.”
 Back to the original saying, a friend in need can be a friend indeed diverse ways, He can be Your truest friend, standing by Your side, attending to your every need, just to ensure He gets what he needs, while at the same time, He can begin to bring up everything he ever did for you. Even the inconsequential ones. The favors you never thought in Your wildest dreams will be mentioned ever again, some even go as far as bringing back to your memory embarrassing moments you shared together.
 The most annoying friends are split into two categories, there are some who will stick to you like a tick, almost walking in your legs, willing to do anything, even when you obviously do not need their help. It’s worse if you are in public, as they seem to have lost all sense of decorum, and would gladly disgrace the both of You. They’ll agree to whatever You say, take decisions for you, live for you (If Possible), and make Your life a living hell.
 The second and I’ll say most annoying ones are those who act as if You owe it as a duty to them to satisfy whatever need they have. They’ll threaten You, coerce you, cut you off, and even blackmail you just to get what they need. Most of the time they don’t deserve the favors, but they’ll just choose to be a pain in the neck, giving you unpleasantly surprise visits, and would even report you to everyone you know in common, telling them of how you are being selfish, proud and arrogant.
 I had an experience with someone recently, doing him a favor, and expecting him to meet me halfway across, finish up the stuff himself, but he was adamant that I should do all the work myself and send him the completed Job. This is in spite of the fact that doing it had already cost me unnecessary expenses. He was adamant, and when I insisted He come to collect his Job and finish it off Himself, he requested that I dispose of the whole project, as he will get what He needs elsewhere. I decided this was going to be the last time I’ll ever do anything for him again. And I intend to keep my word.
 Just as “A Friend in Need can be A Friend Indeed”,  so also “A Friend in Need can be A Pain in the Neck”. It all comes down to wisdom, maturity, experience and attitude.