Animal In Human Skin – Josh Journal

While growing in Lagos, a common descriptive phrase I heard was “animal in human skin”. Each time I heard it used, I was left more confused than the last time.
People actually used it both figuratively and literally. I hope you understand how impossible it is to wrap my head around the literal use of this.

The recent news of Nigerian Actor, Olarenwaju James, a.k.a Baba Ijesha, sexually molesting a minor brings back this memory.
For the first time in my life, I feel moved and justified to brand someone an animal in human skin. I don’t think he would bother to argue otherwise.

From the reactions to this disturbing event, it is safe to say that there are Nigerians who are worse and more debased than an animal in human skin.
The kind of people you should not only avoid but keep yours and your enemy’s children away from. People who have no milk of kindness in their bosoms. Who lack empathy, understanding, and sound judgment.

After hearing the full tale, following news reports, and listening to the guardian of the molested child, Princess, some people still had disgusting defenses for the culprit.
I am yet to understand some people’s insistence on always playing the devil’s advocate.

To begin with, the culprit was caught right in the act. He was accosted and handed over to the police immediately.
Right from the moment he was accosted until he was formally arrested, he sang like he canary. He owned up and confessed, even divulging more information.

In all of these, he was neither coerced nor tortured. Instead, like every animal in human skin, caught in the act, he blamed his heinous, inhuman, and inhumane act on the devil.
You can imagine how shocked even the devil is when he heard people requesting to see the CCTV footage of the sexual molestation.

Grown adults, after hearing a man confess to a crime he was interrupted in, asking to see the footage.
If they didn’t have a disturbing fetish for child pornography, why would they be requesting for this disturbing clip? A clip that I would have said is better left to the imagination, except in this case, it should be illegal, and is immoral to even imagine.

I believe these are the same people that would watch the R. Kelly pee tape a hundred times, pause it a thousand times, pore over every frame of it, then while proudly spotting a boner, declare that it is definitely not Robert.
I would have quoted how “for those who do not believe, no proof is necessary,” except that we have more than enough proof.
Not only was he interrupted, he actually owned up. What else do you need?

A category of humans, for whom “animal in human skin” does not even begin to describe, are the “forgive him. He has learned his lesson” people.
This category of people have put the devil to shame. They deserve their own special corner in hell. Preferably in the deepest and hottest part.

A man who began molesting a child who is not yet prepubescent at the tender age of seven. He shattered her emotions, sense of self, and pride. He robbed her of her innocence, made her lose her confidence and normal behavior. She even started acting unusual.
Her parents and guardian got worried. Despite all they did, they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

She couldn’t trust and confide in anyone. They were worried for her, yet they couldn’t help her. She was taken to churches for deliverance when what she needed was therapy.
Yet, they did all this out of love. Their precious daughter had become a shadow of herself right in front of them.

And you want them to just forgive the man responsible for this.
Even the devil is shaking his head in disappointment. Rather than asking for justice, rehabilitating the survivor, and ensuring there are no other victims, these animals in human skins are more interested in keeping face and maintaining a false sense of normalcy.

Nigeria is already hell on earth, we shouldn’t be throwing more fuel on innocent children.
Spot the animal in human skin around you based on their response to this stomach-churning incident. Don’t stop at blocking and reporting them on Twitter and Instagram. Keep your children away from them.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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