It’s All Business, nothing personal. (IDIOMS AND PROVERBS)

Who was the person that started the saying, “it’s all business, nothing personal”? I would like to understand the logic behind their reasoning.
People now use those words as a facade to hide behind their callousness and wickedness.

They’ll stab you in the back and claim it’s not personal. So my back is supposed to be a victim of your business success?
Should it hurt less because it is not personal? Or am I expected to ignore the pain because you only did it for business or professional aggrandizement rather than self-aggrandizement?

When I hear you say, “it’s nothing personal, only business”, is that supposed to serve as an apology? Am I meant to be happy that your business requires me to be hurt?
Next time you are tempted to utter those words, just say “I am sorry” instead. That is more cathartic than sounding like a soulless monster.
And try to mean the “I am sorry” too.

On the flip side of all these, what is more personal than business?
Do you mean to tell me that the source of your daily bread is not personal to you? Maybe that is why you are not committed to what you do.

Business is personal. To get your business to be successful, it needs to become a vital part of your life.
From gut feeling to blind trust, instinct, and muscle memory, you end up handling your businesses how you handle your personal life.

If you are lacking in ethics, blinded by sentiment, and untrustworthy in your personal life, it would reflect in how you run your firm.
What you need to be doing rather than quoting an obsolete cliche is taking sentiments out of how you run your business.

Get logical. Use empirical evidence. Analyze the past and compare it to current trends. Understand the statistics that matter to your industry.
Evolve as necessary. Keep learning. Maintain an open mind. Experiment. Own up to your mistakes. And stop saying it’s all business, nothing personal.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
You can follow him on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. @IJOSWIL