PASSION – Word For The Week

Passion is defined as a strong emotion towards something or someone. It is synonymous with fervor, determination and ardor.
Passion is the driving force behind your action. It decides where you’ll invest your time, strength and other resources.
As strong as passion can be, it is also easily lost. Life happens, shock, disappointment, bereavement, other negative pressures make people lose the passion they use to have.
Other times, we just outgrow whatever it was we used to be passionate about. There is nothing wrong with that. Change is the only constant thing. So when we drop one passion, we pick another.
One of the ugliest sights is seeing someone without any passion whatsoever. Someone who use to be an optimist, or love talking about some stuff, or just has an interest in something, suddenly has no interest in anything. At all.
Like they resign to fate. Que sera sera. If the heavens choose to fall, we can’t be bothered. That isn’t just an ugly sight, it is a dangerous situation.
The man that is down needs fear no fall; but the man that cares about nothing, where do we even begin with him?
Our zeal should always be directed aright. We waste passion when it is all over the place and not being profitably and judiciously used. Educating ourselves fully on things we love is the first step towards properly involving ourselves in it.
This will prevent abuse, fatigue and loss of interest.
As contagious as passion can be, so also is the misinformation and bias that we may have tied to it. That’s another reason why we need to keep educating and reeducating ourselves.
When we begin to lose that fire we used to have for someone or something, it is important to sit back and analyze if the time has come to drop such interest or reignite that fire.
I have chosen to direct my passion more towards Nigeria and Nigerians. I might have no belief in our systems and institutions, but I have unwavering faith in its people.
It is time this generation begins to believe in itself, its ideas and its ideals. It is time we begin to band together, to achieve things that are greater than us individually. It is time to show the world that whatever Nigeria and Nigerians put their passion in to, no one and no nation can outdo us.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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