Lean On Me No Be Press Me Die (IDIOMS AND PROVERBS)

The classic song “Lean On Me” is the best way to extend an invitation to a friend to actually lean on me.
I have heard different versions and covers of the song, but in my opinion, Michael Bolton’s version remains the best. His rendition of lean on me carries the true spirit and ethos of the song. And the phrase.

Part of being a good friend is being available for those you love. Life is in phases. When my friends go through dark times, all I want to do is be there for them.
I might not have the best word to cheer, comfort, reassure or motivate them. But a vital lesson I have learned is that just being available is a big difference-maker.

It hurts me to witness a friend in pain, but unable to confide in me. At that moment, it is like I’m saying lean on me. Rather than take my offer, your response is I’m more comfortable resting my head on this pillow of stone.
It hurts worse when I know I could have been of help, but your pride and ego won’t let you accept my help.

More disturbing than the friend who wouldn’t accept any help is the friend who abuses and wastes your help.
You need to pick up one item at the store, I have plans to stop by the store, so I offer to get it for you. It is at this point you conveniently remember two hundred and seventy-five other items. Now you want to gladly burden me with picking those too.

I offer to pay for our meal, and you suddenly feel today is the right day to taste the most expensive item on the menu. Which you have been eyeing for two months now, but can’t afford.
Or I offer to babysit your kids for two hours while you make an appointment you have been pushing off for a while now. Without informing me, you then use today as an opportunity to visit every friend who has not visited you in the last year.

The fact that someone offers you their time, money, or other resources doesn’t mean they have no other use for it. They believe you are worth it, that is why they chose to reallocate it to you.
Don’t make them regret that decision by abusing their generosity.

One of my pet peeves is people who do this and act like they are being smart while at it. They believe they have taken advantage of you and gotten away with it.
Another pet peeve is those who would pay someone else for the same service you offer. But when you offer the same service, they ungratefully disrespect your effort, as a means to avoid paying you. Even after you have given them a “family and friends” discount.

The fact that you have made yourself available doesn’t mean you have to take every insult and misbehavior they respond to your efforts with.
Lean on me no be press me die. You reserve the right to withdraw your offer at any time.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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