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Valentina: A Valentine Story – Part 4 (The Women I Love)

With Valentine, just a couple of days away and the school was in a frenzy. Those who had an invite to the secret party were already showing off to their friends.
In my class meanwhile, everyone was impatiently waiting to find out who Valentina’s “toaster” was.

It definitely had to be a senior. One of those SSS3 students. Maybe a prefect. They are the biggest boys in our school and it won’t be unusual for one of them to be interested in Valentina.
Wait. What if it was the Head Boy? That would be crazy. We all knew his girlfriend. She is pretty, but she isn’t Valentina pretty.

On the morning of Valentine’s day, we got into the class and met a large tin of heart-shaped chocolate on Valentina’s table. There was a large bouquet of flowers and a massive greeting card along with it.
The class got rowdy as everyone tried to get a peek. Whoever this boy was, he had won valentine, even though it wasn’t a contest.

Valentina had to hide her chocolate under the table. When the first teacher made a fuss about the bouquet of flowers, the girls in the class decided to share it among themselves.
Each girl got a stalk of flower, yet there were still a few stalks left. Mind you, we had over forty girls in my class.

At breaktime, members of the school’s drama club showed up in my class and began an impromptu performance. It was elaborate and spectacular. They rounded it up with a musical number.

As the song came to an end, IK, one of the club’s members, walked up to Valentina, knelt before her, and asked, “will you be my valentine?”
The whole class went crazy.

You need to know IK. He is a classmate of ours, although in a different class, but also an art student.
IK is a talented singer and dancer, also a great illustrator. He is also a magical genius on the football field.

There is only one “downside” to IK. He is the shortest boy in our school. Not one of the shortest, the actual shortest.
But, his ego more than makes up for what he lacks in height. No one can bully or abuse him. He has a larger-than-life personality, a disarming smile, and is one of the funniest guys in the school.
It is almost impossible to hate on him.

Valentina was shocked to see IK kneeling in front of her. As he spoke about his feelings for her, the whole class went silent.
I can still remember everything he said. Girls were whispering to each other and saying “owww“, “awww“, as he rambled on.

This boy had actually charmed his way into her heart. At this rate, if he wanted, he could have gotten every girl in my class to say yes to him along with Valentina. And they will all agree without fighting one another.

As soon as IK was done pouring out his heart, we could all tell that Valentina was going to say yes. She was already whimpering and nodding her head. Just at that time, Tunde, one of the trouble makers in my class shouted “so it is this short boy that has been toasting Valentina!”

It was like a bubble got punctured. Everyone burst into laughter and the magic of the moment was lost.
I don’t know if that was the only reason, but it seemed Valentina changed her mind. She withdrew her hand from IK and sat down.

The class went back into silence and after a few seconds, the drama group started to file out.
Valentina turned away from IK and began looking out the window. Eventually, he got off his feet and silently walked out. Tunde and his friends meanwhile kept teasing and taunting him.

Eventually, Henry, our class captain had to send out everyone who wasn’t a member of our class.
I don’t need to say it, but the magic of Valentine was dead. Cupid probably sat atop a cloud weeping.

Can you imagine, me that I don’t have a girlfriend will not be going to the Valentine party, and Valentina the prettiest girl in our school will also not be going. Who would have thought so?
Suffice it to say that Tunde and Valentina never spoke again for the rest of our secondary school years. She also avoided IK for a while.
I think they only became cool in SSS3. He had also grown a little taller at the time.

As for Tunde and IK, the enmity between them never went away. The fact that they both contested the presidency of the drama group when we got to SSS3 fueled the flame more.
The rivalry between them was so severe that students from both classes got embroiled in it and began avoiding each other.

Thankfully, one positive came out of the ordeal. Valentina shared the chocolate she got with everyone in the class.
I only got a tiny bit, but at least, I ate free chocolate.

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